Superconducting Gravimeter Data from Pecný - Level 1

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Pálinkáš, Vojtech; Kostelecký, Jakub; Vaľko, Miloš (2020): Superconducting Gravimeter Data from Pecný - Level 1. GFZ Data Services.


I   N       R   E   V   I   E   W : Pálinkáš, Vojtech; Kostelecký, Jakub; Vaľko, Miloš (2020): Superconducting Gravimeter Data from Pecný - Level 1. GFZ Data Services.


The International Geodynamics and Earth Tide Service (IGETS) was established in 2015 by the International Association of Geodesy (IAG). IGETS continues the activities of the Global Geodynamics Project (GGP, 1997-2015) to provide support to geodetic and geophysical research activities using superconducting gravimeter (SG) data within the context of an international network.

The Geodetic Observatory Pecný (GOPE) is located in the Czech Republic, about 40 km south-east of Prague, in the Central Bohemian hilly land at the elevation of about 500 m. It is surrounded by a mixed wood. Except for one local road the next nearest local road is about 1 km apart, the nearest railway is 5.2 km, the nearest village 1 km (Ondřejov). The bigger river (Sázava) flows through the valley at a distance of 5 km from the observatory at the height of about 300 m. No construction or other technological works (mines, industrial plants etc.) run either in the close surroundings or at longer distance. The hill Pecný is in the old metamorphic paleozoic synclinal zone of the Čerčany Chlum neighbouring with the Central Bohemian granitic massif and the perm massif of Černý Kostelec. From the geological point of view, GOPE was established in very stable region.

GOPE is operated by the Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography (RIGTC) and was established in 1957. GOPE has been involved in tidal observations with spring gravimeters since the early seventies of the last century, cooperation with the International Center for Earth Tides (ICET) has been dated since 1990. GOPE belongs to the core stations of ECGN - European Combined Geodetic Network, established by the EUREF IAG Subcommission.

Since February 2007, the observatory type of one sphere superconducting gravimeter OSG-050 was running in the old gravimetric laboratory (OGL) of GOPE located in the cellar of the main building of GOPE (Latitude: 49.9137 N, Longitude: 14.7856 E, Elevation: 534.58 m), about 1.8 m under the ground of the surrounding relief. Almost uninterrupted 10-year time series of gravity record with OSG-050 has been carried out till October 2017, when the OSG-050 has been moved to the new gravimetric laboratory (NGL) situated in the top of the hill Pecný, less than 100 m from OGL. NGL (Latitude: 49.9141 N, Longitude: 14.7868 E, Elevation: 545.10 m) provides 3 concrete pillars in the ground level, which are founded to the bedrock (4 m below the ground). Two pillars are used for repeated observations with absolute gravimeters (AG) and in the third pillar, located in a separate room, the OSG-050 is running continuously. All rooms are thermally stabilized by air-conditioning systems.

Due to the excellent stability of the station and the facilities to inter-compare different AGs, the GOPE was developed as a regional comparison site which serves as a reference for the Czech Gravimetric Network. Since 2001, repeated absolute measurements with interval of one month have been carried out in OGL and later in NGL to achieve continuous drift-free gravity time series by combination of absolute and superconducting data.

At the area of the station, meteorological (precipitation, air temperature, humidity, air pressure) and hydrological (ground water and soil moisture) parameters are measured by different sensors. These data are available through auxiliary data in the IGETS database. Raw gravity and local atmospheric pressure records sampled at second and the same records decimated at 1‐minute samples are provided as Level 1 products of the IGETS network.


  • Pálinkáš, Vojtech;VÚGTK/RIGTC, Ústecká 98, 250 66 Zdiby, Czech Republic
  • Kostelecký, Jakub;VÚGTK/RIGTC, Ústecká 98, 250 66 Zdiby, Czech Republic
  • Vaľko, Miloš;VÚGTK/RIGTC, Ústecká 98, 250 66 Zdiby, Czech Republic


  • Pálinkáš, Vojtech; VÚGTK/RIGTC, Geodetic Observatory Pecný, 25165 Ondřejov 244, Czech Republic;


Voigt, Christian


Superconducting gravimetry, Earth tides, Geodynamics, IGETS, International Geodynamics and Earth Tide Service, geophysics, geodesy, hydrology, environment > geophysical environment, science > geography > geodesy

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