Welcome to panMetaDocs

A metadata based scientific information exchange system

panMetaDocs is a collaborative, metadata based data and information exchange platform for science.
Researchers can use panMetaDocs to collect and share a variety of information sources such as documents, webpages as well as citations.


panMetaDocs is metadata based, it was designed to especially support researchers to properly describe their sources by an appropriate set of descriptors.
Metadata handling in panMetaDocs is very flexible. All necessary metadata elements can be freeley defined at project level. These project defined elements can be mapped to standard Darwin Core fields.


Any electronic ressource needs to be described before it can be uploaded to the system. A variety of file types is supported by the system e.g. text, images, pdf, MS Office and OpenOffice file types.


Uploaded datasets (metadata and associated sources) which shall be shared with others can be assigned by diffenerent access levels. Datasets can be completely hidden and locked, visible for other members of a distinct project, shared for collaborative working or finally offered for download to the interested public.


Once published, datasets can be disseminated by different channels. panMetaDocs supports common standards such as the metadata exchange protocol OAI-PMH, which can be used to feed e.g. portal systems such as panFMP. It further supports news feed standards such as Atom and RSS.